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In a next step you will discuss all the details for the cooperation with an operator and have a clear idea if launching is possible in your city.

Methods used:
encounters with clients, marketing buzz

Obtain a calculation of a possible profit in your city

Design department is at remote access (there is no need to be able to draw card models or search for a designer for this purpose).

Samples of contracts and letters for work with clients

Plans for the nearest two months:
development of sales skills, acive engagement with current clients, attraction of new clients

Step-by-step guide to business launch and development. Training on work with plastic cards has such a structure that it covers all the necessary areas: technical issues, sales methods, mistakes that should be avoided, etc. Many partners have undergone this training. We constantly add something new and interesting into our training complex. In other words, within a short period you get an 8-year-old experience of our company in sales methods ( free, bdgetary,etc.) and general development.

A set of presentation cards specially developed for the demonstration of quality and range. It is prepared in such a way that any client can find something interesting for the company.

Differences between business package

The expected result of passive income in the 6th month of work in case the development speed is at the same level is::
$4 000 - $4 500

Methods used:
website start-up and carrying out an advertising campain, cooperation with wholesale buyers, cold calls and encounters

Plans for the nearest two months:
concentate on clients with the minimal circulation of 1000 cards, eliminate minor transactions

You send us a request for printing the order

Find out if you need
any technical experience

What we offer

Konstantin, 32

Incomе during low season (July):
$2 645.12

Population of the city:
640 000 people

Card extra features.
You can select any available additional features for your card.


Website. By launching an advertising campaign on it, you get a very powerful channel to attract customers.

Technical documents. You do not have to explain to your client how a card works. You just have to send a document, for example, "Barcodes" which is designed in apfrofessional technical style so your client can understand the information easily. By the way, these materials are unique (as for education and technical documents, they are our own development).

8 (499)

938 71 10

Methods used:
only cold calls

938 71 10

8 (499)

E-mail: info@cardzavod.com


Business with the minimal investments and the recoupment in the same month

We have produced plastic cards for a long time (we started as manufacturers in 2008) and now we produce a great amount of different items such as cards and many others. At a certain point we started to get requests  for going into  business without launching their own production that costs millions of roubles and demands constant development.

That's what we have given to our partners

Well-known brands we've gained
the confidence of

Our prices are close to card cost price. There is no point investing huge amount of money in your own production

Plans for the nearest two months:
additional website start-up, expansion to one more city

Konstantin, 35

Population of the city:
580 000 people

It isn't the core business, a parallel one. Ordered more than:
43 000 cards

Methods used:
cold calls, website start-up, partnership programmes, marketing buzz

Business for sale with the minimal investments and the recoupment in the same month

Methods used:
website start-up, cold calls, partnership programmes, marketing buzz, wholesale supply.

Plans for the nearest two months:
keep client base to a good quality and expend to new ones.

Not the main job. An employee of a polygraphic company

Number of orders from the beginning::
more than 400 000 cards
This amount is partly due to the position at work

Alex, 28

Work in several cities, overall population:
more than
2 million people

Is your city suitable for a start-up?

98% of all companies give out plastic cards to their customers and employees. The demand is consant.


Open your wallet. You have about 10-15 plastic cards. All the citizens in your city have the same amount. All of them are your clients.

Investments in launching start from $400. You get passive income already from the second month.

Plastic cards are not only discount or reward cards but also gift certificates, cards for petrol stations, personnel badges, business cards, passes, Id cards and many others. The market is unlimited!

We provide you with four manager-mentors who will guide you: 

•  Development manager: guides you on issues relating to sales, conducts examinations, helps in work with clients; 

•  Technical expert: responsible for technical part of business, helps in dealing with difficult issues in work with clients, talks to you on the phone for an hour and more - as long as it is necessary for solving your problem. He is involved in calling your clients' companies in order to address the situation and  reports back to you;

•  Personal designer working with models;

•  Quality control manager who adjusts the work of all the departments for you: he occasionally contacts you, specifies what improvements to make in your support and deliveryof products. It is really comfortable and means that each partner is special.

Examinations and sales tests - we hone your sales to the ideal, check you so that you all speak and convey to the client correctly. Again, all this is taken from our experience, and not just a “bare” theory. After it, you will sell much better.

Methods used:
website start-up and carrying out advertising campain, marketing buzz

Net profit for the last month:
$1 355.65

Population of the city:
1 million people

Alexander, 29

The expected result of passive income in the 6th month of work in case the development speed is at the same level is::
$6 612.8

monthly circulation of 30 000 cards as a minimum

Plans for the nearest two months:
acquirement of his own production. Development.

The factory on manufacture of plastic cards «CARDZAVOD» was established in 2008. The production of plastic cars «CARDZAVOD» is certified by «GOST-R» and «Infra-Sert». The factory produces plastic cards on up-to-date equipment meeting highest quality requirements. «CARDZAVOD» renders full range of services - from design to delivery of finished products. Our plastic card production is one of the leading producers of small limited and medium circulations in Russia and we are able to supply monthly with up to half a million cards of a small-limited circulation (100 items) and more than ten million cards of medium and high circulations. «CARDZAVOD» produces plastic cards by using a unique software made specially for our factory. This software allows to automate the process of card personalisation and generate barcodes in a unique way at the customer's request. Discount card production with unique numbers provides additional protection from forgery. plastic card production requires many highly-qualified specialists. In our company plastic card production is carried out by a well-managed team of professionals: highly-qualified engineers, qualified service personnel, experienced marketers and, of course, talanted designers.


Quality certificate that confirms a high level of production

Plans for the nearest two months:
expansion to the region and big neighbouring cities

Technicians are responsible for the qualitative process from the moment of the creation of a card model to order packaging

Population of the city:
1,1 million people

Igor, 32

Methods used:
cold calls, website start-up

There are orders from the beginning:




send a request by info@cardzavod.com
• phone us 
• complete a form of feedback


Distance work in several cities. A student on a part-time course

55 000 cards have been ordered since the beginning of the active engagement

Plans for the nearest two months:
work with the current client base, passive income

Anastasia, 20

Population of the main city:
460 000 people

Well-known brands we've gained the confidence of

You take an order from a client in your city



See how we are different
from our competitors



You receive a parcel and deliver it to your client








E-mail: info@cardzavod.com

As a result, you start with the minimal investments, get everything you need for launching your own business and start earning by copynig our steps in your city.

(examples of different representatives)

Elizabeth, 27

Population of the city:
350 000 people

Net profit for a month and a half from the beginning
$1 223.5

Methods used:
cold calls, cooperation with shopping malls, website start-up

Plans for the nearest two months:
expansion to neighbouring cities

The expected result of passive income in the 6th month of work in case the development speed is at the same level is:
$4 140

Unified partner service desk that guides you

Before we start cooperating it is necessary to understand if your territory is available and if it is suitable for the development.
How to do it:



Set of business cards for work.

Free 1000 standard cards for first customers.





We print cards and immediately send them to You by courier

Population of the city:
72 000 people

Yuliya, 38

We have prepared all the necessary documents such as contract samples, client accounts, etc. - you don't have to invent or look for anything, just apply what you get.

She is on maternity leave. By this time she has had negotiations with several Clients who generate passive income.

Developed methods of sale. You just have to copy the steps, attract customers and make a profit.

Flexibility in dealing - we print from one item to one million items and more.

Personal advisers who are involved in production know how it works from inside. We transfer our 8-year-old experience of work together with the experience of our current partners.

Technical education: you become a specialist in cards and understand how a magnetic stripe, barcodes, etc. work.